A Prescription for Clean Water


  1. Finish your prescriptions, as directed by your physician.

  2. Store your prescriptions out of the reach of children and teens.

  3. Take back unwanted and waste medications to your local pharmacy for proper disposal.

Improper Disposal of Pharmaceuticals

Did you know that traces of pharmaceuticals are being detected in the environment, primarily in water (surface water, groundwater, and drinking water) and soil?

One of the ways pharmaceuticals get into our environment is by consumers throwing medications (prescription drugs and non-prescription/over-the-counter drugs) and other personal care products in the garbage, or flushing them down the toilet or the sink.

The potential human health risks associated with minute levels of pharmaceuticals in water, and drinking water in particular, is small; however, taking preventative action by disposing of pharmaceuticals safely helps protect our drinking water sources over the long term...


The Clean Water Foundation and OCWA are Working Together to Protect Our Drinking Water Sources

OCWA has teamed up with the Clean Water Foundation to encourage average citizens to properly dispose of their unwanted medications by taking them back to their local pharmacy, where they can be collected and disposed of safely. Not only does taking back expired or unwanted medications help contribute to a clean environment, but it also decreases instances of accidental poisoning by children and prescription drug abuse - unused or expired medications in medicine cabinets increase the supply of dangerous drugs that are a leading cause of child and teen overdose.

So, please take a moment to return unused prescription medications back to your local pharmacy - this small gesture will not only help protect our water sources over the long term, but also protect other members of the household.

To Find the Pharmacy Nearest You That Takes Back unused or unused medications please visit http://www.healthsteward.ca/

Click here for a printable Fact Sheet on Pharmaceuticals and Water


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